A long awaited (actual) week off

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Well, my week off is finally here. I’ve been waiting for this week for a while. My annual leave from last year was used on Australia, which was great, but didn’t really give me any time to do what I wanted (it was primarily Mrs OddFather’s holiday). Then over Christmas I took leave so I could look after the OddDaughter as her nursery was closed. So, this week is all about me and resetting.

How’s it going so far? Well, pants really. The OddDaughter took a turn again over the weekend so is at home from nursery. She’s currently in bed, calling out to me every time she needs her nose cleaned.

“Daddy, I need you”.

It’s going to make going for a haircut later in the morning fun, that’s for sure. Main thing is she feels better soon.

And I still haven’t finished the painting of the unicorns etc in her room. Turns out Sunday was a bad day to paint. What with shops closing early. Firstly, I didn’t have any decent paintbrushes, so I had to use something akin to a toothbrush to paint. In hindsight, using a toothbrush probably would have been a better option. Secondly, the only white paint I had at home was a thin primer you use on fresh plaster. What that has meant is I have a couple of unicorns on the wall that look like they’re having treatment for some sort of skin condition.

I really wanted the painting finished before the week started so I can build the bed today. But I now need to apply another coat of white, before washing the carpet in the room, which will then need 12 hours to dry before I can build a bed on it.

Fair to say not the start to the week I wanted.

Perhaps I’m unfairly blaming the paintbrushes and the paint. In truth, I think I’ve just lost my touch. Definitely not my finest painting. But then I need to remind myself who this is for. And I’m fairly certain the OddDaughter would be happy enough with a turd painted on the wall providing it was decorated in rainbow colours!

I don’t have time to carry on with the post this morning so I’ll leave it there. Don’t think these daily posts will continue for much longer, so soak it in people. Tara.

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