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Everton 0-1 Arsenal: 5 Thoughts 

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Boring Boring Arsenal? 

The first game this season I didn’t get to watch all the way through. I watched the first half but spent the second half babysitting parenting, so resorted to listening on the radio. It doesn’t help I haven’t watched the highlights of the second half (aside from the goal of course). 

1. Has Ramsdale been replaced as no.1? 

Honestly, I don’t think he has… yet. A lot can be read into Raya starting ahead of Ramsdale, but in many ways this was a good game to introduce Raya. A game where we would be in control of the ball for large parts and wouldn’t need to overly rely on the goalkeeper. And it’s not as if Raya isn’t competent if he was needed to be called upon either. 

It’s obvious the two keepers will be sharing the minutes this season. Could it be Ramsdale was given a choice of Champions League games or Premier League games at this point in the season and chose Champions League? It is a competition most players dream of playing in so why not? Am I over-simplifying it?  

There are some big games coming up against Sp*rs and City in the coming weeks – a big test for whoever is between the sticks.  

2. Martinelli’s goal shouldn’t have been given as offside 

My view is, if the Everton player goes to block the pass and the ball deflects off him, it’s intent. Therefore, the goal shouldn’t have been ruled offside. I’m just glad we won the game, so this doesn’t need to be a wider discussion point. It’s a shame though because it was a nicely taken goal and we lost Martinelli in the process.  

Also, it would have made the game far less boring had the goal been given, which brings me to my next point. 

3. Everton will get relegated if they don’t start playing football 

I get it, it was Everton’s game plan to make the game scrappy, taking the flow out of the game for us and hope to get something on the counter. However, it seems like their other games this season have been very similar. They have flirted with relegation long enough so if they don’t change their approach they deserve to go down. 

4. Arsenal aren’t boring, we’re controlling 

To be fair, we’ve also been happy to sit off at times this season and go for control rather than going all-out attack. Maybe it’s too safe? Maybe it’s a change from the excitement of last season? Maybe we’re trying to reduce the emotion so early on in the season? I don’t really know. But if control brings results, that works for me.  

Plus, for this game we went in without a win at Goodison Park since dinosaurs walked the Earth – or something about Sam Allardyce being old. So, a patient approach was the right approach – instead of leaving ourselves open to a counterattack. 

5. I don’t like listening to games on the radio 

As mentioned, I watched the first half on tv, and it was dull. Then I stuck on the radio for the second half, and it sounded like the most exciting game of all time. I checked in with some other fans after the game and they confirmed the second half, at least until the goal, was just as dull as the first. 

And that’s my problem with the radio experience – I just don’t know what the hell is actually going on. When Trossard scored I was under the impression it was Saka who scored and got the OddDaughter all excited for no reason (she’s a huge Saka fan).  

Or perhaps I’m just not a very good listener. 

Song at the whistle   

We just needed a bit of patience.  

Return to the Champions League next – I’m still trying to get some last-minute tickets but it’s looking increasingly unlikely. Either way, a win please! COYG! 

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