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Not the early morning post I was hoping for. Last night I had a bit of a family get together and it ended up getting later than I expected. Only got to bed around 5am. After the Jamesons. And the Jack Daniel’s. And the random Australian rum we found after that. Needless to say – I’m feeling a little bit rough today so today’s post is a groggy one. Great time for us to visit Mrs OddFather’s nan – where 90% of the day is spent watching the OddDaughter go up and down the stairlift.

Speaking of feeling rough, I seem to be having pregnancy sympathy symptoms recently:


I love cheese. I love kebabs. I love alcohol. I love big portions. All the perfect ingredients for a night of heartburn. I then wake up the next day completely forgetting how uncomfortable the night was… and start the loop again.

Having to sit up and sleep at night is no fun, often leading to…

Aches and pains

Waking up after falling asleep sitting up results in neck pain, which then travels down my body through to my shoulders, my back, and eventually to my legs. I already discussed how I’m feeling older these days and so I’m starting to run again. Time to loosen these muscles.

Food cravings

This was the pregnancy symptom I’ve always looked forward to for Mrs OddFather. I’m always up for any excuse to go on a McDonalds run in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, this is a symptom not shared by the wife. What a waste.

Mood swings

Good day, bad day. Good hour, bad hour. Good minute, bad minute. Good second, bad second. Just a regular day with the OddFather. One moment I’m excited about the pregnancy, then I’m anxious, then I’m depressed, then back to excited. Rollercoaster of emotions lead to extra tiredness. A symptom in itself!


Lastly, and most notable to people around me… A big belly and weight gain. I had a lot of comments yesterday asking how many months into pregnancy I am. Haha, good one. Never heard that one before.

It doesn’t help I slouch so the belly sticks out more than it would with better posture.

So yeah, I think I fully get how pregnant women feel. I’m kidding. I can feel the collective disgust from women all around the world. Obviously nothing I feel is anywhere near what pregnant women experience!

Come to think of it – the symptoms mentioned above are present in me permanently. So not quite the sympathy pains I’m accrediting them to. Perhaps it’s time to make some lifestyle changes? Or I can just embrace the dad bod? Dad bods are sexy now right?

Right? *collective silence*

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