The Lurgy. Part 2.

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Hello hello. Bit of a late one today – again. No point really saying I’m going to do these every morning if I don’t actually do it! Still – I’ve managed to keep up the daily thing, so that’s something. I’ll begin today by saying thank you to those that have reached out to wish the OddDaughter a speedy recovery from… THE LURGY.

She’s doing mostly better. Hasn’t thrown up so that’s a win – for me especially. However, she has dark rings under her eyes, a snotty nose, and constantly dried saliva around her mouth. I’m sure she’ll love me even more when she grows up and realises I’ve gone into this level of detail.

Mrs OddFather has been home to look after the OddDaughter today… naturally then, the OddDaughter has decided to spend the whole day sleeping in bed. No need to make breakfast, no need to make lunch, and a lot of downtime to suit.

In case you haven’t sussed it out – I’m an over-worrier when it comes to my daughter. And the rest of life. So, I’ve been constantly checking up on the OddDaughter to make sure she’s still breathing as she sleeps. That’s a habit I’ve had since the day she was born – always checking up on her as she slept.

I also refuse to give up on the baby monitor. Mrs OddFather is content enough to leave the OddDaughter without Big Brother’s watchful eye. But I’m not quite there yet. Like what happens when the OddDaughter decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night… in the dark. How will we know she’ll be fine?

Sure, Mrs OddFather is chilled about it. She was raised in Australia. No doubt she was thrown to the kangaroos from an early age to fend for herself. That’s how it works, right? Surely, there was an episode of Neighbours or Home & Away that showed that? No? Just me then.

Anyway, I walked in on the OddDaughter mumbling in her sleep earlier in the day. I asked her to repeat herself to which she replied “Daddy, what does 2 and 2 make?”. Jeez. Talk about putting me on the spot.

Thankfully, she went back to sleep before I had to answer.

She woke up at 3pm. Going to be fun getting her to sleep tonight. She’s proper milking this to get tv time though. Not that I’m complaining if I have to sit next to her as she watches Bluey. Great use of the surround sound system and all.

Tomorrow is going to be THE day. The day I start painting the OddDaughter’s room to truly make it her own. All part of Operation Get-Her-To-Sleep-On-Her-Own-In-Her-Own-Room-Again. Yeah, I’m good at codenames too. A man of many talents.

Enjoy your Friday evenings everyone.

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