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A special OddDaughter review.

Hello everyone! So today marks a special day. The OddDaughter’s first movie review after her first cinema-going experience at 3 years and 10 months of age. And look how excited she was…

Girl at the cinema pointing at the screen

Ok ok, that’s a stock photo to protect the OddDaughter’s identity. But she looked something like that – close enough. Image by serhii_bobyk on Freepik.

Without further ado, over to you, OddDaughter:

On second thoughts, maybe I’ll do the typing while she does the talking…

What did you think of the film?

Um… goood.

What happened in the film?

I don’t…. I don’t know.

Was there fire and water?

Yeah. They, um, they were real… and and they… and they clapped hands but the fire was hot but the water was cold. They clapped their hands like this [claps her hands slowly]. But he didn’t want to but then he did like this [more aggressive clap].

Was it better than Frozen?

I like Frozen because Frozen’s the best, but that show wasn’t. It was good, but not the best.

How many stars would you give Elemental out of 5?

Elemental! 7 stars! Out of 6.

What was your favourite part of the film?

Can I have a sweet? Can I have one sweet?

[Ask again]

The water bit and the fire bit.

Which was your favourite? The water or the fire?


The OddFather Verdict

Elemental was far from Pixar’s best, but it was a story that resonated with me and my relationship with my parents, family, and community. I think they handled the themes perfectly.

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