A few weeks of the gran-in-law

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Ok, ok fine. I admit I failed to keep this blog regular. Again. I actually have an excuse. The last few weeks we have had my mother-in-law and gran-in-law stay with us. So it’s been a little bit more busy in the odd-household.

Firstly, that’s 4 generations of strong-minded females all under one roof. From Mrs OddFather’s gran all the way down to the OddDaughter. It made for some interesting observations that I’m not going to go too deep into in case I say something wrong and face the wrath of Mrs OddFather.

Scared? Me? Not at all.

Can I just say, related to the gif above… I love Jurassic Park, it’s one of my favourite movies. But that girl’s character really annoys me to this day. I can’t remember her having much dialogue but my god she screamed a lot.

Anyway, I digress.

The gran-in-law is within touching distance of 90 years old. She’s a very traditional, religious person. But a person with many quirks. Obviously, I’ve known her for many years during my marriage to Mrs OddFather, but I learnt a lot about her during this extended stay with us.

She is a workaholic who does not sit still. On the first day here I found her pulling out weeds between the slabs in the garden. I actually felt guilty… as I sat and watched her whilst sipping my tea.

But the big task she took on (without being asked to) was the rearranging of the kitchen. Lots of items now found a new home in different cupboards. Those that know me well know how I like things to just be a certain way – especially in my own home. So, to find myself having to check every cupboard and drawer to find things such as plates, knives etc… well, let’s just say it wasn’t my finest moment when making a sandwich. Poor Mrs OddFather had to hear it from me.

BUT… I have to say the gran-in-law’s placement of things actually ended up making sense. It made for a more efficient experience when cooking in my kitchen with things that are needed within easy reach. I didn’t even consider just how much more efficient the kitchen space could be. However, let’s just keep that between us!

As time went on I gained a newfound appreciation for my gran-in-law. Whenever I cooked, she washed the pans and utensils as and when I was done with them. When a meal was finished she washed and dried all the dishes and put them where they belong (albeit in their new home). And when I returned downstairs after putting the OddDaughter to sleep I found all surfaces had been wiped clean. I mean… This almost-90 year old woman is fantastic! If I’m half as organised when I’m hitting her age then I’m winning!

And likewise she really appreciated how much I did around the house too. From the cooking, cleaning, being a very hands on dad – let’s just say she hadn’t come across many modern men in their homes before! I’m fairly certain she even likes me more than she does her own granddaughter!

So yeah, I guess it makes it easier to appreciate someone when they love you!

I guess if there is a lesson in all of this, it would be to be open to doing things differently. There may just be method to the madness!

In many ways I was sad to see the gran-in-law leave… I’ve almost forgotten how to wash dishes!

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