A week without kids

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This last week, Mrs OddFather and the OddKids have gone away to spend time with Mrs OddFather’s mother and nan. I sat at home feeling ill and sorry for myself. The week draws to a close today, and as I sit here eagerly awaiting their return, I figured it would make for a nice reflection piece.

I’ll split this into “expectation” vs “reality”.

The expectation

First things first – clean the house. Get it looking tidy without things thrown EVERYWHERE. I could then go into relax mode, meet friends for a coffee or evening beverage. Go out for meals. There’s loads of interesting movies in the cinema at the moment, great opportunity to go and catch a couple of flicks. Walk to a Cafe during the day and work on a business idea I have. At home I can listen to music (that isn’t the Frozen soundtrack) on full blast as I dance around the house singing at the top of my voice.

All leading up to a day where I can drink whisky, eat a kebab and chips, and sink into the sofa to watch an action movie with the surround sound blasting. No need to worry about waking up the kids.

The reality

Illness. I couldn’t swallow my own saliva at the beginning of the week, let alone a meal. Getting out of bed was a chore but I ensured I didn’t stay in bed all day so sat in different areas of the house feeling like shit. Granted that was just the first half of the week.

Once I started feeling a bit better I thought I’d catch up on watching some movies on tv. Surround sound turned up. Bit loud really. Surround sound turned down. The movie was a bit pants. Tried looking for another movie. Nothing really appealed to me. Maybe tv wasn’t the answer.

The sun was shining on one of the days – perfect to put on as many washes as I possibly can to get everything washed and cleaned. Bed sheets, towels, clothes, rugs – you name it.

Dust the house. Vacuum the house. Wash the filter on the vacuum. Mop the house. Clean the bathtubs. Wow, the house is looking super clean. Don’t think I’ve seen it look this clean in years.

Running out of nights, I could either meet a friend or I could have my kebab night. Chose to have the kebab night. Drove to the chippy – got the kebab – sat back in the car. Car wouldn’t start. Stupid car. A car I have long said we should get rid of. Now I’m stuck in a car park with my kebab. I don’t want to eat this in the car, it’s not what kebab night is about. After 20 minutes of trying to start the car I decided to walk home to attempt to enjoy my kebab, another 20 mins to briskly walk home. Ran into the house – quickly inhaled the lukewarm kebab before it got cold. Walked back to the car, hoping it started. It did. Drove home, swearing at the car for ruining kebab night.

The house is too clean. I miss the mess the OddKids (and Mrs OddFather) make. Do I miss changing poo nappies? I think I do actually. Maybe I should go around making a mess, spilling food and drinks on the floor. May as well soil myself too – that’s what the kids would do, right?

Don’t really know what to do with myself.

I miss the OddKids – and I cannot wait for them to return.

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